The Good, The Bad, The Messy: WMC 2008 Preview

by buckbbuck

Saturday, Mar 15th 2008, 09:09 PM
(Homepage Photo: Richie Hawtin @ Nocturnal Terrace WMC 2006 by Betty Kang)

New York nightlife is a special thing and it’s always great when the NY party people flock to other areas to show the rest of the world how it’s done. As the winter hibernation comes to an end the chances to escape the concrete jungle increase and The Good The Bad and The Messy has your best bets on how to do it.


NYC always represents well at Conference and this year is no different. The best parties, promoters, and DJs have loads of great stuff going down in the sun and The Good is here to let you know just where and when to get the best dose of NYC at WMC.

[URL=""]Sleepy & Boo’s Basic NYC takeover of the Beach Plaza Hotel [/URL]is where NYC meets Chicago meets Miami in the sun for the past few years. It is a good ground zero for meeting up with your NYC peeps and is rocking with great parties pretty much 24-7. With daily events you can’t go wrong but the highlight this year is sure to be Hi-Tek Soul Miami with Stacey Pullen, Kevin Saunderson, and Ron Trent on March 29th from noon til 11 on the Roof. Don’t fall off! [url][/url]

One of the longest running and classiest WMC parties of course is the Sunset Soiree. Brought to you by the legendary Giant Step, this year the highlight is Demon Days with Carl Craig on March 27th at the oh-so luxurious Delano Hotel - Free with RSVP [url][/url]

PS102 Sunday School For Degenerates 2007

The biggest big name promoter in NYC who has also been providing some of the top parties in Miami for the past few years is Made Event. They return again with a bunch of their annual gatherings at Pawn Shop along with a fair amount of newbies. The ones not to miss are the [URL=""]Burridge Barrage on March 29th[/URL], [URL=""]Three’s legendary Hallucination Limited Party March 25th[/URL] along with [URL=""]Francois K’s Wave Music Party[/URL] the same night. On Thursday, March 27 [URL=""]Richie Hawtin celebrates 10 years of MINUS[/URL] with a special showcase at Nocturnal Terrace, returning to [URL=""]the scene of the crime[/URL] where he was ceremoniously kicked out of the club, not once(!) but twice(!!) while DJing. And of course, finally, the only party at WMC that actually qualifies as a cannot miss, [URL=""]Sunday School for Degenerates[/URL] at the Pawn Shop on March 30th this year featuring Alexi Delano, Mr C, Steve Bug, Dixon, Matthew Dear, and many more. [URL=""][/URL]

PS102: Sunday School For Degenerates 2007

Finally, the [URL=""]Cheap Sunglasses Afterhours[/URL] from those afterhours specialists Blk|Market membership and Bar 13 is at PS 14 on Friday March 28th from 8AM through 9PM with Konrad Black, Glacier (live) with Pier Bucci & Crazy Larry, Three, Derek Plaslaiko, Magda and of course Taimur & Fahad.

For those of us who get to experience all these great DJs and parties all the time The Good The Bad The Messy wants to also provide the best of the best other stuff that might catch your fancy…

The hottest non-NYC has to be the LA party DEEP. Their annual shindig at WMC is always among the most memorable get-togethers and this year it is guaranteed to be no different. The main man Marques Wyatt welcomes back Mark Farina and King Britt (as well as Danny Krivit for that NYC flavor) to THE GEM on Friday March 28th.

Porterhouse 2007

Steve Porter may now be NYC based but his Boston roots show at PorterHouse Recordings annual shindig at INK with his fellow bean-towners Eli Wilkie and Joe Mama as well as Luke Fair on Saturday March 29th at ORA. [url][/url]

Another stellar party on the deep tip will be Get Lifted at Mokai with Ian Pooley and Jay-J on Sunday March 30th.

Buzzin Fly is a permanently reliable party and this year Ben Watt brings the deep smoothness to Shine on March 27th.

The deans of the decks, Sasha and John Digweed reunite for their Spring Club Tour starting at Thursday, March 27 at Mansion.

The Listed Freaky Tikki Beach Boat Party brings “Crack-Time” to the high seas with a special afterhours Boat Party with Steve Bug and guests starting at 5:30 AM Friday March 28th. [url][/url]

Finally another classic party that is sure to provide plenty of hi-jinks is the AM Only One Night Only party this year, sponsored by [URL=""][/URL], at the sprawling and gorgeous Karu & Y in downtown on March 28th. The night (and following morning) is sure to be another memorable one with Green Velvet, Ewan Pearson and special tag team sets from Steve Bug & Josh Wink, Layo & Bushwacka!, and of course Richie Hawtin & Magda. And when it’s all over, remember to follow the Hawtin!

*Enter [URL=""] Contest for One Night Only here.[/URL]


Every year the time comes for WMC and every year everyone wonders… do I go this year? Is it going to be as good? Is it going to be too expensive? Am I going to survive? Usually everyone thinks they might just skip it this time around, and usually everyone ends up going anyway. Well this year due to circumstances, Miami will be a pass. And for all of you that do NOT get to go to Miami this year for whatever reason, I feel as bad for you as I do for myself. But that is no reason to fret. The thing about not going to WMC is that it opens up the possibilities to perhaps go elsewhere. So in lieu of the BAD news that us folks who cannot make it to WMC must face, we would like to analyze the potential substitutions for the week of cracking out in the sun.

Kicking it in Cali: Coachella. This is easily the best festival that one can attend in America. It is often skipped by the WMC massive because it comes shortly after. It always has a lineup that is as amazing as it is diverse with rockers, classic bands you grew up with, and the most reputable names in electronic music. This year’s highlights include Fatboy Slim, Portishead, Boyz Noise, Booka Shade, Aphex Twin, and of course, Sasha & Digweed. [url][/url]

DEMF 2007

Motor City Mayhem: DEMF - Detroit. Techno’s answer to the sun, glamour and swinging good times of WMC is the DEMF. In lieu of sun you will probably get a few more clouds and maybe some rain. In lieu of glamour and bling you will get Ghetto and gangsta. And of course in lieu of the funky, sunshiny House it will be replaced by gritty grimy, seriously hardcore music for techno heads. Bring an extra pair of shades because you might need them when your first pair is taken by a mugger. [url][/url]

Sonar 2007

Eurotrip 08: Sonar - Barcelona. Sure it’s not until summer but with Yaz headlining, Ben Watt, Boyz Noize, Goldfrapp, and loads more, not to mention the rocking nightlife of Barcelona as the backdrop you cannot go wrong. [url][/url]

Mutek -Piknic Electronik

Mindbending Mutek: Montreal. The capital of Quebec is supposedly one of the baddest cities around. With a roaring club scene, a European vibe, and of course, Canadians everywhere, you really cannot go wrong. Mutek is sort of a DEMF with a bit more experimental and cutting edge music. The names have not been announced yet but you can be sure it will be the edgiest, out there acts around that will be the stars of Detroit in two years and the hit of Miami in four. [url][/url]

Basically, if for whatever reason you do not make WMC this year, sure it will be a bummer, and your jealousy will be enraged when you hear all the ridiculous stories from your friends who come back as cracked out zombies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on some other music-based vacation and come back as a cracked out zombie too.


As I stated it has been somewhat of a hibernation season lately with the nasty weather, busy schedule and general difficultly in motivating to keep up with the party program. However there have been some gems which The Good The Bad and The Messy has had a chance to indulge in. Move D and Justin Martin at APT was a top notch time with some excellent edgy house. The Bunker brought in Vladislav Delay for some early evening soundscapes before bringing it up with Luomo and Seth Troxler, but the best of the best was a double feature night with Derrick Carter bringing his Boompty boompt to Sullivan Room followed by Craig Richards at Love the same evening. Finally, the first of Blk|Market Membership’s Crosstown Rebels Get Lost Residency was a roaring success as Bill Patrick warmed it up with some top notch noises and it was great to hear Damian Lazarus bringing a boatload of nasty jams along with some of the cracky afterhours vibe he is known for.

Coming up are some major events at Cielo including Steve Bug March 20th, The Martinez Brothers April 24th, Danny Howells April 3rd, Danny Tenaglia May 22nd, and I ain’t fooling either, Groove Armada on April 1st. Elsewhere Sasha & Digweed visit Webster Hall on April 4th, Basic NYC brings Mark Farina to Sullivan Room on April 5th, and Miguel Migs on April 19th. Finally, Blk|Market membership returns to Love on May 10th with Craig Richards and local fave Stadenco.

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