Portraits: Craig Richards @ Cielo - August 15th

by rhythmism

Tuesday, Aug 12th 2008, 11:06 PM
Craig Richards may have the best gig around - resident at the highly-respected Fabric nightclub in London. On this topic he says "I am very aware of how fortunate I am to have the residency. There are no restrictions and I am allowed total freedom to play the music I choose in any of Fabric’s three rooms at any point during the evening. All have amazing soundsystems: What more could I ask for? The audience is incredibly responsive and open-minded so what I choose to play is very much up to me. Being at the club every week gives me the chance to experiment with different sounds and, whilst I accept that I am prone to occasional bouts of self indulgence, for the most part I try to keep people dancing. I love the venue and consider it to be one of the finest places on the planet to listen to electronic music. There is an astonishing array of worldwide talent passing through the place and I'm very lucky to see these people play on a regular basis."

After what seemed like many years of Craig refusing to travel regularly for DJ gigs abroad (really, who can blame him!), we've been lucky enough this year to be in the midst of his quarterly residency with Blk|Market Membership. This will be his 3rd installment of 2008 and while we do love the grittiness of Bar 13 and dark caverns of Love, we're pleased to see him spin at Cielo (Friday, August 15th) on its amazing soundsystem.

NAME: Craig Richards
AFFILIATION: Tyrant / Fabric / True Grit

Craig produced music under the name scumdolly
Your NYC event:
Blk|Market Membership at Cielo on Friday, August 15th

Best thing about Fabric nightclub:
The best thing about Fabric is its success. The plan was to promote and celebrate underground electronic music with dignity. Every week for nearly nine years we have presented the music we believe in with passion, love and belief. It's a big mechanism run by a few music loving people. We love music and live modestly and with confidence.

Wackiest Fabric memory:
Far too many to remember...... Strange people, funny faces, laughter, tears, holding hands with strangers and locked toilet doors.

Favorite non-clubbing pastime in New York City:
Walking for hours and terrorizing the elderly

Favorite NYC eateries:

Indispensable travel item:

Obsolete item you can't part with:

Clothing item you can't live without:
My cufflinks

Favorite electronic gadget:
Hearing aid

Best recent gift:
A book about gentlemans clothing in Elizabethan England.

Biggest indulgence:

Next big purchase:
A rocking chair

What you miss most about home when abroad:
Hard edged cynicism

Your traveling routine on the plane / train / bus / rickshaw:

Your daily routine:
Daydreaming.... I spend most days gazing out of the window of my local pub dreaming of other worlds.

RIP Issac Hayes August 10, 2008

Favorite touring memento:
A small purple and orange cushion from Istanbul given to me by an elderly man with no teeth.

Most cherished record:
Far too many to list. Currently listening to all my old Isaac Hayes records. RIP.

Most important or unusual item on your rider:
Record turntables

Worst DJ booth moment:
When playing in Budapest a very large monitor speaker fell on me.

Hardest thing about being a DJ:
For me, travelling.

What do you listen to when you're not working:
At night music without beats and during the day the sound of the children in the house next door playing on their trampoline.

Playing records at parties. Painting pictures in the garden. It started as a hobby and it always will be.

Personal hero:
I don't really have heroes. They always disappoint.

Earliest musical memory:

My mother shouting from the kitchen to turn the music down.

What did you want to be when you were a kid:
A celebrated liar.

Howie B toured with U2 in 1997 on production duties and recently launched his second fashion brand, Howaii
Fictional character you identify with:
Peter Pan

New for you in 2008:
My album with Howie B.



CRAIG RICHARDS [Fabric London]
TAIMUR+FAHAD [Blk|market Membership NY]

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