The Good ,The Bad, The Messy - Summer 2008

by buckbbuck

Thursday, Jul 31st 2008, 03:22 PM
Summer time in full swing makes everyone a little lazy despite loads of opportunities to party. This month The Good, The Bad, and The Messy checks out NYC’s newest hotspot along with a newly nagging problem.

Of course new spots open relatively frequently. Or more accurately, the same old dumps re-open under new owners with a fresh coat of paint and different names, relatively frequently. Most of these however are same-old same-old cheesy bottle-driven lame-o magnets. Occasionally however, some legitimate music heads get it together and try to make it happen with a spot that is dedicated to the music. With their eyes on great sound, cool atmosphere, a quality crowd, and top notch acts these clubs fight against the boring top 40 bottle joints that dominate the nightlife landscape.
The latest spot to take a stab at bringing it all to the cool people is Santos Party House at 100 Lafayette. It is a new joint that has not been a known spot before with a great name that avoids the endless club name clichés that plague nightlife. It is located downtown, between the grime of Chinatown and the glitz of Tribeca, far from the mainstream horrors of 27th Street or the Meatpacking district.

The 8000 sq ft club has two levels with kicking systems on both. The main floor is a sizable medium room with bad-ass looking speakers lining the wall above each of the bars that run along each side of the room. The booth is in the corner and the room has a few elevated areas as well as the all important easy access to the bars. The elevated mezzanine spaces are useful for live performances when needed and are otherwise great spots to hang and scope out the dancefloor. Downstairs is a darker and more intimate space, with a more accessible DJ booth and a bar right next to it. There is a small area to the side to sit and chill and again the sound is rock solid.

The main party that is making waves is ÉTÉ D’AMOUR, brought to life by Made Event and Respect Is Burning. The Thursday shindig has loads of quality and variety set for the summer from Matthew Dear to The Martinez Brothers to SuperPitcher to Alan Braxe. Other nights bring DJ Spun, JT Donaldson, James Murphy's DFA Disco nights, Studio B’s Fixed party and a variety of other underground goodness. With the giant super-clubs waning, this Party House is a quality middle sized space with its priorities in the right place.

No matter what your political leanings, if you like nightlife you can only curse our politicians when it comes to getting your favorite foreign DJs into town these days. Of late visa nightmares seem to plaguing the party people everywhere. For some reason, if you are a DJ who has not been here lately, and loads of people are excited to check you out, the government seems to view you as a danger to our freedom... errr, well, I am sure that’s not really the case, but it sometimes feels that way.

Most recently, [URL=""]Sander Kleinenberg was supposed to return to NYC[/URL] at Cielo for Dance. Here. Now but the bombs he was sure to drop on the dancefloor were prevented from reaching their target by the US Government. Blk|Market Membership has got the shaft as well when [URL=""]Andrew Weatherall was unable to make his hotly anticipated gig[/URL]. The Field was another victim of the Visa vendettas who managed to sort his out after missing a few gigs and even [URL=""]Boy George was turned down recently[/URL], although some may agree with that particular choice of denial. Then of course there is Laurent Garnier who had problems on two separate trips in the past few years until finally triumphantly returning to NYC a few months ago. I don’t even want to think about the lack of ever having Ricardo Villalobos in town, because he simply does not even want to get into the States - visa or not.

In hopes of finding a way to get these DJs into town and avoid these problems, The Good, The Bad, and The Messy has a few suggestions…

• Can NYC secede from the union to make their own immigration laws? A perk of this is that we could make it more difficult for people from New Jersey to get into the city on the weekends.
• Extraordinary Rendition. If the CIA can do it why can’t promoters. Simply kidnap Ricardo Villalobos from an afterparty in Berlin, drug him a la B.A. Baracus, stick him on a plane and don’t let him free until he is in the DJ booth at Cielo. DJs constantly get kidnapped at WMC and are dragged from party to afterparties for days, and I know some highly trained individuals who excel at this. Let’s put them to work!
• Write your Senator. Use your inalienable rights granted by our founding fathers in the Constitution to make a difference! Everybody knows congressman love to hear from their crack-stituents.
• Move to Canada? Montreal and Toronto get all the great DJs without all the stupid cabaret laws. And you can wear stylish jackets all summer long!
• Screw the imported DJs. Be a Patriot and rock out to all our great [URL=""]“America's Best DJs”[/URL]!

The first visit to Santos Party House was a great time and a jumping party. The downstairs action blew away the upstairs with Mathias Heilbronn dropping some fantastic deep house and funked up tech-house providing a seriously old school vibe with some very fresh sounds. I hate to break it to all the Berlin loving bleep-bloppers out there but Vincenzo brought his A-game to Bar 13 for the Blk|Market boys and nary a click or a clack was heard, just all sorts of tasty house and tech-house. Despite having loads of techno DJs in the sun, for the most part the Rhythmism party at Water Taxi Beach kept the vibe bright and sunshiny. Early on Derek Plaslaiko impressed the most by throwing down endless classic tracks including remixes by Roy Davis Jr., Venus (Sunshine People) and even Eastwick & Holloway’s classic Downtime as we arrived.

Derek Plaslaiko at Beach Party | 06.08.08

On the party itinerary this week the always reliable GBH brings two great shows to Irving Plaza. [URL=""]Booka Shade busts out their goods on Friday August 1st[/URL] and [URL=""]Soulwax shows off on August 6th[/URL]. Off in the distance Made Event is throwing a weekend-long NYC version of the legendary WMC [URL=""]Sunday School For Degenerates[/URL]. First up, they join forces with Matter/:Form for an Overboard Boat party with Steve Bug on August 31st followed by Studio B with Mr C, Martin Lansky and more that night, and then Sunday School itself outside at The Yard in Brooklyn with Cassy, Joel Mull and various other degenerates the next morning. Another big multi day event from Minimoo called [URL=""]Minitek[/URL] will probably provide all the bleeps you need with Hawtin, Tiefschwartz, Audiofly and about a million different techno luminaries the weekend of September 12-14th, hopefully they let everyone know where it will be held soon.

Sunday School For Degenerates presents Cassy

The [URL=""]P.S.1 lineup[/URL] has finally been announced and it isn’t as exciting as one would hope but it certainly will provide good times all summer long. The highlights are Metro Area August 16th, Matthew Dear & Ryan Elliot on August 30th, and the ideal ending on September 6th with Lisa Shaw, Jerome Derradji, and Neil Aline. Other hot parties to look out for in the month to come are Craig Richards at Cielo with the [URL=""]Blk|Market Membership on August 15th[/URL], [URL=""]Jamie Lidell and Gilles Peterson at Summerstage on August 3rd[/URL], the [URL=""]SOS Boat Party with Demi, Desyn and Omid 16B [/URL]from the Global Frequency guys on August 2nd, Layo & Bushwacka return to Cielo in September and finally… last but not least...a rare treat and without a doubt the absolutely hottest booking of the summer so far has got to be from the People NYC folks bringing…


On the roof of [URL=""]Bar 13 Sunday August 10th[/URL]. Hell Yeah!

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