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Tuesday, Feb 3rd 2004, 01:51 PM
30th January 2004

Swinstead Publishing looks to the future
Progressive brand development starts with Jockey Slut repositioning

Swinstead Publishing is to make a bold and progressive move to bring its youth
culture magazine portfolio into the 21st Century, through challenging the
‘outdated’ conventions that most publishers still cling to. These changes will
bring SP closer to its readers, consolidate its position as a cutting-edge and
innovative publisher and will allow broader opportunities for its brands to
extend beyond their current print media limitations.

The first move will see Jockey Slut, the world’s leading cutting-edge music
title, invest in an expansion plan which laughs in the face of the current glut
of music magazine failures. Revered worldwide, as the ultimate authority on
great alternative, underground and dance music, the brand will be realigned to
make greater use of the expertise behind the magazine.

Over the last 11 years, Jockey Slut has made itself the holy grail of irreverent
and passionate music journalism. It has been ground breaking with its cover
stars, legendary events and highly acclaimed covermount albums. Plans to
capitalise on its unique reputation and insight include an emphasis on the
website, redeveloping it as a destination site, with information being made
available for free on a daily and weekly basis, rather than restricting this
information to the time-delayed date it hits the shelves each month.

SP sees this as a key tool in the Jockey Slut expansion into emerging
international markets alongside wider offline activities.

The www.jockeyslut.com (http://www.jockeyslut.com) site will also begin to carry paid-for content, such as
music downloads and develop relevant product retail elements through music,
fashion and other areas of youth culture.

The future will see Jockey Slut expanding further via commercial album releases,
event programming and promotion, a record label, increased merchandise,
broadcast opportunities and beyond, beginning in March with two major events in
America as part of the annual Miami Winter Music Conference. This will be
followed by a promotional tie-up with MTV and Motorola at the MotoMash event at
Canvas, London, on 21st March. Jockey Slut is also teaming up with a number of
other partners to create a series of unique music events across the UK, Europe
and the USA through 2004.
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This progressive move to becoming a credible and rounded music brand will be
supported by a substantial financial investment by SP.

Jockey Slut’s magazine is becoming a seminal, quarterly cutting-edge music bible
offering a collectable round up of each season’s hot releases and acts. It will
be published at key times of the year tying in with major music events. It will
be published every March, June, September and November. The March issue of
Jockey Slut is on the shelves on 19th February. The on-line version will be
updated on a daily and weekly basis from that date onwards.

Managing Editor, Rob Wood said:
"Times are changing and Jockey Slut is now right out there at the forefront. We
are going to build on our great reputation by honing the monthly magazine to
four bumper issues and massively expanding jockeyslut.com into an immediate,
on-line magazine. For topical information we will be able to inform our readers
of new and exciting music even quicker and be able to offer them even more
through an interactive magazine, brand extensions and the vast potential this
offers. It’s a very exciting way of giving our readers even more."

Swinstead Publishing Managing Director, Jon Swinstead commented:
"Information is so readily available now that some monthly titles struggle to be
either relevant or considered. Daily, weekly, weekend supplements and on-line
are far more suited to timely information. We are taking a positive step forward
in order to allow the brands to grow in the appropriate media and investing in
them to ensure they achieve their vast potential within this brave new world.
Information is so easily accessible that the time it takes for a monthly
magazine to hit the shelves can make it invalid. We want to challenge that. The
revised frequency of the print executions will allow us to deliver an even
higher level of editorial content, with a greater planning period between each
issue whilst delivering daily and weekly information on line. In addition it
will give us more time to develop the brand both here in the UK and overseas."

To support the move, Swinstead Publishing has appointed the youth marketing
agency Espionage as retained marketing communications agency for the
repositioning activity.

Jon Swinstead continued:
"It’s an exciting time to be involved in youth culture, and by breaking the
traditional boundaries of publishing, we’re taking a brand with huge respect and
building its future on the international stage. We are thrilled to be working
with Espionage, they have an understanding that we simply could not get
elsewhere and the unique ability to link commerciality with it."

Thursday, Feb 5th 2004, 01:24 AM
SleazeNation just shut its doors at the end of last year too :(