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rhythmism Wednesday, May 18th 2011 03:08 PM

MUTEK 2011 Caps Off 12th Edition With Free Highlights
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Over the last two months, MUTEK has steadily unveiled the details of a 12th edition that should prove to be one of the most ambitious and highly anticipated in its history. The highlights we've announced thus far are numerous and speak for themselves: the world premiere of AMON TOBIN's ISAM live show, the return of PLASTIKMAN LIVE to the venue of its controversial debut in 2004, the groundbreaking audio-visual collaboration between Mexican ambient-techno artist MURCOF and European visual label ANTIVJ, the North American premiere of the highly regarded MODESELEKTION nights, and so much more.

MUTEK fans have responded in kind, breaking all box office records in the festival's twelve-year history. Five-day passports for the 2011 edition have already outsold the record-setting 10th anniversary edition by 60% overall!

With two weeks left to go, we're pleased to announce the final components of this 12th edition, namely the many free events that will round out your MUTEK 2011 experience.



MUTEK starts with community, and every community needs a place to convene. From June 1st to the 4th, Place de la Paix (just south of the Society for Arts and Technology) will host a series of free outdoor events called [url=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=kxaz7rdab&et=1105417558638&s=15487&e=001h89yAuCxlLTDeQeaS7ve_dMWp6khB-ID7_YGdEnHvRyFbfugG8Ph0f6vpFkVB-TZp2VjTCskWPqzJeQMKsCLcxlPGT9I4iGkbHkUFzY02677Q16AC7Ih_TnIFvE86j6H1n-RrNg4fyRYsRshWUpp48TW7QabTcBQFsfqxzsDBtIIopw3Zmdf8mmlgd14zCEaoka8U7teWdI=]EXPÉRIENCE[/url]:

Wednesday, June 1st, the evening gets underway with a line-up of bold hip-hop and turntablism courtesy of MATH ROSEN, DJ BRACE, and KEN LO;

Thursday, June 2nd, techno and house take centre stage, delivered by local up-and-comers MEEK, XAVIER LEBUIS, and SINTEG;

Friday, June 3rd, the garage sounds of two-step and UK funky receive a Canadian interpretation through the skills of HISSY FIT, KNOWING LOOKS, and BOWLY;

Saturday, June 4th, several of the musicians contributing to the MUTATIONS sound walk - OLIVIER ALARY, NAVET CONFIT, DIANE LABROSSE, MONTAG and DOMINIC VANCHESTEING - will take over the Experience stage for a showcase of experimental sounds. Presented in collaboration with OFFTA, Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles, Bande à Part and the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT), the [url=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=kxaz7rdab&et=1105417558638&s=15487&e=001h89yAuCxlLTxRggs0R1MoBtqH7J5IUMms4EOJoaDJrVdS2CuzK042dllCAa5gXnupuPAP6ZH0fL lDlHA12tTAGt5itAIHgNG-a3Oc29vrjDV4KILwqXPH-xLZF0q8P8TzBTgEis7CoLFuduYWdnsx_OuaGi94NlT0Gk45TMmm4S8atOxfXPsUCPsOva823pF1OjpAL 2HZ4g=]MUTATIONS[/url] sound walk takes place every day during MUTEK and introduces festivalgoers to an entirely new way of viewing Montreal through portable sound.

Beyond the music, we're pleased to announce a first collaboration with the SAT's culinary laboratory team. Entitled FoodLab, the project pairs some of Montreal's finest chefs with each evening's musical offerings. Housed in a transformed steel container that will be deployed on the Place de la Paix, chefs Martin Junea (Newtown), Simon Mathys (Bar & Boeuf), Steilo Perombelon (Les Cons Servent and Pullman) and Éric Dupuis (Taverne Square Dominion), will each take over one of the EXPÉRIENCE showcases to tempt your tastebuds.

Near the Foodlab, the WINDOWS tent will be open daily from Wednesday to Saturday, and will feature an interactive zone that will let you capture your own EXPÉRIENCE moments in their photo booth and upload them live on the spot.


Beyond Experiences in the park, MUTEK will venture out farther into the Quartier des spectacles to surprise Montrealers in their daily lives. Those using Berri-UQAM metro station between June 1-3 are in for a sonic surprise with the [url=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=kxaz7rdab&et=1105417558638&s=15487&e=001h89yAuCxlLT85qb5tsaxw8SroFrhdpzFbW-Ft-vii2pcz1X0ZEwzrZ71OlcjXHk0uhruTTWgaa-8Qp8nGkv56o8Em7vwaqAyevZZYCztrUBuz70UMeGGOPeHhLZWTHON9WEwJu650G4KO3nl_H6o3KLpwf2 4oHHH3Ag7F4NrAhMI3EOK27EkJ5EmKE9VLdEoYKA-WxZ4Vg4=]MÉTRO ARTS[/url] series, presented in collaboration with STM. From 4:30pm onwards on those days, transit riders will be treated to live performances by local acts BOWLY, THE GULF STREAM, and MATEO MURPHY.


Further afield, presented by the Quartier des spectacles, the [url=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=kxaz7rdab&et=1105417558638&s=15487&e=001h89yAuCxlLSxU5HY5DaR9SrpVN6hmhxNB_feHAQfSjdnzxQ7JqpBDYZjJWVqki69fnkoTN-xFahsrUSendu7OlJcVQ5Jd7hTguRnZsBIv2eX9VxwEPalcFKnKRGf6EgQydxhCSPd7o5OViL8Km-bjn8hS6Jd9WJd7M6t_OSuJTcaOqv5BOL1qq9ywXopBo7TulmCXMNRw2g=]EXTRA_MUROS[/url] series will showcase Quebecois digital artists projecting larger-than-life designs onto several downtown buildings. At Parc Emilie-Gamelin, TroisPoints' "Not One or the Other" will transform two towers into a giant canvas exhibiting the intricacies of human relationships. Meanwhile, nomIg's Architextures_2011 presents a 21st century answer to graffiti, using light projections to tag the walls surrounding Place de la Paix. Finally, BAILLAT CARDELL & FILS and IREGULAR present Period., a work that extends the experiential campaign developed for MUTEK 2011 and presented by UQAM on the facade of their Centre for Design. The projection weaves together the visual blocks and sounds of MUTEK 2011's campaign into a spontaneous tableau of inventive playfulness.

Taken together, these finishing touches cap off what we expect to be an incredibly rewarding and inspiring five days for [url=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=kxaz7rdab&et=1105417558638&s=15487&e=001h89yAuCxlLT8M8FgQwsl7pxcztsGGfFcL3a7gabTOf4-5zI2hxBP422KG1ve792y3wNf6HoAlT-kjsxCIeRb53SeplEm1XNh2PubuuKGQLtYqi7LpNLynI5VH20oSr11kQPwgL5-muehWbpxesk3vg==]MUTEK 2011[/url].


Roland is once again proud to present a [url=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=kxaz7rdab&et=1105417558638&s=15487&e=001h89yAuCxlLSTMaT1dU4IPueCBuyvzRfjLynDrMgNhIPSgJ_537qL1NU3V2uIYev_foFhz5Hh2CV 4N792EJIIy8ear829COQSYo8piL201fQeia1VFi516pUV7JpMGsCUt5xXYysxX5YUGIexArop_B772qT 5jnnok916usUoDEpBg3x_nmlcMW3h6NFUQDenUHJYEQTtI0PnYy_E5omjSg==]Pre Nocturne[/url] event on Wednesday June 1, 2011. Come find out who has won the 2011 Roland Synth Contest, try out a synth yourself in the Roland Synth Garden, and listen to the sounds of FM RADIO GODS and POIRIER. Plus, get the chance to win a Roland GAIA Synthesizer, valued at $879!


Tickets and packages are available now at the 2011 [url=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=kxaz7rdab&et=1105417558638&s=15487&e=001h89yAuCxlLQ_oKlOizuFZU6UvpphQ57xpiuL5TlpeM_wX3uMFy28RP3FSOG31MxrMqrYRPc0H0J 7nCctWAwqvl0j5DTGXnn3HzqIadHW0c1WcI-0y6MbKM1MR6eXqutAsFxzMvlzLraQ4iweCddlDo9dwjHAnbWJNX28c3jm7ho5SqPd2-8Gtw==]festival website[/url], through the Ticketpro network (online and at all Ticketmaster ticket outlets), as well as at [url=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=kxaz7rdab&et=1105417558638&s=15487&e=001h89yAuCxlLQ_oKlOizuFZU6UvpphQ57xpiuL5TlpeM_wX3uMFy28RP3FSOG31MxrMqrYRPc0H0J 7nCctWAwqvl0j5DTGXnn3HzqIadHW0c1WcI-0y6MbKM1MR6eXqutAsFxzMvlzLraQ4iweCddlDo9dwjHAnbWJNX28c3jm7ho5SqPd2-8Gtw==]local ticket outlets[/url] Atom Heart and Off the Hook.

The Festival Passport which includes all performances, is available for $200 CDN (+ tax and service charges). Various weekend packages, combos, as well as individual tickets for all showcases are also available for purchase. Please go to the festival website for more information and to customize your MUTEK 2011 experience!


The [url=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=kxaz7rdab&et=1105417558638&s=15487&e=001h89yAuCxlLQGtri5dZesOdyjmS9mW_GhqaxcdAiUhaZ9je4kGAO98jeePl1g5KjxRZ2VyqtuKM7 qX0MqmWWkJwOAk8EvGg7u9uK7skcQpz5nNZPQaYADHUL_TpLnEeZonW5Iy31OXpRunT2VqMdv-zL08M7PKWeypl-CofBFieNd-qpcQEtkog==]MUTEK Green Pass[/url] is a brand-new initiative. When purchasing your Festival Passport or Weekend Pass you have the option of adding $5, $10 or $25 to your shopping cart. Green Pass holders will receive specially marked festival passes to recognize your involvement in [url=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=kxaz7rdab&et=1105417558638&s=15487&e=001h89yAuCxlLRByE_nqKr3Q2CvWqy9Hb0vRZRyxJqfz3_LEJD-xZmoQqtK6zXGiMohk7Szhaw0LuY4SjTzZtw4yuhDI-m_VyALYKo4Cek7Pn0060JUYGK9NDccuasG-DEGKYFW5_LY_Tzfe0HN3TenYaUdxyFuSBcz0D4PQOga2QRrk1zP1dPjAg==]MUTEK's sustainability project[/url], which is now entering its 2nd year.

Your contribution will be used to purchase Carbon offsets from [url=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=kxaz7rdab&et=1105417558638&s=15487&e=001h89yAuCxlLQLb-_4ijr5VlM5PwXFJ3T_OjYaZnAVDvRMnePeqjIWvf7hWwZn-iyoHyfflztsEy26-R4ZGX2JUkropCQwMYaUT01reYMnHsXvILudmrR7GGRfUtXfILmgCA5M_Mz6PT15L1L9wpcDdQ==]PlanetAir[/url], a nonprofit initiative based in the province of Quebec which is recognized as a [url=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=kxaz7rdab&et=1105417558638&s=15487&e=001h89yAuCxlLSD9kYVneQLIGiI3pha3kXBRQgNfD0cFBtRVqemF2HNogoATDc2F-Dq_dvhjqkFO5ZZf9zpjViDJOIMOfjR3nW-zJawOl0KjviXt0pDrARVcRpYiJ5Oag1jIhIg42bQU9TJ_JmvxCOR3sS5uHWdt62Z]Gold Standard[/url] institution by top Canadian environmental institutions.

If you're planning to purchase your passes or tickets directly on site in Montreal, don't hesitate to ask our box office staff on how to contribute to this initiative!


Interested in taking part in MUTEK?

Each year our precious volunteers make all the difference in bringing the MUTEK experience to invited guests and festivalgoers. [url=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=kxaz7rdab&et=1105417558638&s=15487&e=001h89yAuCxlLQll5NrKdSp5cJ21f7f0EFtPm3ggWo-L-SjdQzQN4v4om8Ln3w8uagcM68O_XGShEIWuyNmk99ohaiTyZN1w78xmebeCdzcek4jBQg6kmdYIRpJ-CurMVmlLHDn2434Lb0SC6AMSYU5MKc0MFndR1VRyUPm-qoYwiSQowyTxxLQDg==]Click here[/url] for more information and to download an application form. Once your application form is submitted, you will be contacted to confirm your availability and discuss the details of your involvement at this year's festival.

We look forward to making the 12th edition a memorable one with your help!


Get your ears prepped for the festival! The MUTEK 2011 Digital Compilation features tracks by a selection of artists performing at the 12th edition of MUTEK:

AMON TOBIN - Surge Emika Version
ANSTAM - Albert
CALAMALKA - Respirator
DANUEL TATE - Never Going to Call Again
MICHAEL RED - Saint Lucy
RADIQ - Space Dust Cracker
ROCKETNUMBERNINE - Matthew and Toby (MUTEK edit)
SIRIUSMO - Dancing Monkey
STEPHEN BEAUPRÉ - Pushing Up Skies
WAREIKA - Inner Circle

[url=http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=kxaz7rdab&et=1105417558638&s=15487&e=001h89yAuCxlLQzGb0dBaAa9gFmrWGsPI19grqWmfejXp2rgRmP-5TreAKBwXwpeavbl7MJZtY-TWPe_kd6FEVDPhkE-wRkiz6COmN_bFORRxm6_ZqDjA6U4xiGqiL8X4-6p_ZVaR6kZnwMPnjtsfcFTIi_cHoIAqUsRL-ERGbcOaUgykhpthUVwWqQocZ_rW2M]Click Here[/url] to preview and to purchase.


Heading into the final two weeks before the festival, local producer and DJ, longtime MUTEK employee, and Musique Risquée Manager MICHEL PONTBRIAND took time out of his hectic schedule to put together his take on the MUTEK 2011 lineup. Check out his [url=http://www.mutek.org/en/podcast/258-mutek-2011-festival-mix-mutepreview014]MUTEK PREVIEW 014 Festival Mix[/url] to get in the mood!


While it's a rainy week here in Montreal, we're expecting nothing but sun for all of our outdoor events, including TERRY LEE BROWN JR's closing set at MUTEK // Piknic 1 on Saturday June 4, 2011. Get a preview of his sound, courtesy of our friends at Little While Earbuds!


We're pleased to release the first of a series of Q&A articles featuring some of this year's hottest acts. This week, AMON TOBIN talks about about his new album, the live show he's premiering here in Montreal, and the personal life behind one of the world's most adventurous electronic projects .


MUTEK.MX kicks off its 2011 season by launching a teaser of an online MUTEK.MX documentary that it will be airing in multiple parts on the MUTEK.MX website over the coming months.

The MUTEK.MX team is also pleased to announce their first event of the 2011 season:

Friday May 20, 2011
MUTEK.MX presents
Macro01 - Text Meets Border Community
Venue: Salon Covadonga, Puebla 121 Colonia Roma
Time: 10pm
Tickets: $320 MX presale, $380 MX general admission, available soon through etickets.mx and at etickets.mx outlets
More information: Facebook event page, MUTEK.org calendar, MUTEK.MX website

MUTEK would like to thank the following partners for their general and ongoing support: le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Department of Canadian Heritage, le Ministère du Tourisme du Québec, le Ministère des Affaires Municipales, des Régions et de l'Occupation du territoire du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts, le Conseil des arts de Montréal, Festival and cultural event office, le Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition Féminine du Québec, Musicaction, FACTOR, Bureau du design de la Ville de Montréal, The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, the Goethe-Institut, le Consulat général de France au Québec, Austrian Cultural Forum

Thanks also to the media and private partners that support our ongoing activities: Solotech, le Partnerariat du Quartier des Spectacles, Tourisme Montréal, Windows, the Society for Arts and Technology, Société de Transport de Montréal, Bande à Part, Ubisoft, UQAM, Moog Audio, Serato, Roland, Ableton, Baillat Cardell & fils with the collaboration of Point Barre, Piknic Electronik, Monument National, Métropolis, Ticket Pro, Steel Space,ESKA eau de source naturelle, Misto, Laïka, Guru, Belle Gueule, Quadriscan, La Louve, Le Regroupement, Resident Advisor, XLR8R, The Wire, FACT, Exclaim!, Tsugi, Dose.ca, NOW Magazine, Little White Earbuds, CBC Radio 3, La Presse/Cyberpresse, Nightlife.ca, Mirror, 33MAG, CHOQ FM, CISM, CKUT, CIBL, Quartier Libre, McGill Daily/Le Délit, CAMUZ.

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