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Originally Posted by Ash View Post

The freaks were def out in full effect last night!
Good to see some of you again, and place a face behind some of the names on here...

So basically I rolled through just before 12.
I was greeted by Betty for the first time in front of the line.
She was very pleasant and gave me a blue bracelet!

Hit the coat check, and proceeded with sign in hand towards the DJ booth where David was dropping some good funk.
I was then accosted by a drunk Bart & Sinem and narrowly escaped with my life in tact!
After putting up the sign the usual suspects came out of the wood works...
Between Snardy, 347, S&B and others through out the night, it was def a trip.
Stayed for a good portion of Davids set and made my way upwards.
Caught some of Deadmau. Sounded decent overall
I see Goupie, Seibon, Ichi, Dean as well as another whole bunch gathered around the table pimpin out.
We took some jabs, made fun of Crash n Carey and had a drink.
It progressed nicely!

Went back down to catch Bradley at work!
He threw on some dope bangin tracks but unfortunately, the tables took a complete shit on him and he was not able to use the system properly.
Finally after a long hard battle and he said no mas.
Then Spoony came on and played the crowd nicely.
Went back up stairs and caught some of Zabiela.
I must say I was not impressed, and the guy lacks quality in "playing" big time.
I have never heard a wreck using ableton live before. I guess he never learned how to warp a track properly?
His builds and drop were kind of lame, and his tunes were relatively weak.
Its almost as if he went to the jonathon peters school of dj'ing, and aced the tests!
In either case it was a lot of fun and it was cool to see you all.

Now if you all with start posting pics we can start talking shit again!

Speaking of which, did any of you take one of the sign?

I don't know what you were on but zabiela wasn't even using ableton this time around. He was playing cds only. His track selection was decent for the most part. The crowd was into it every time I would come up to the main floor.
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