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Originally Posted by taimur View Post
dont get me wrong, i think hes a very technically skilled person, but all the 3-4 times i have gone to see him, hes up and down with track selection. to each his own.

i talking about music people. NOT signing posters, thank you notes and message boards.

I'm talking about that too...hence "in addition." That stuff wouldn't mean much if he wasn't representing in the first category to the fullest.

Also in all seriousness he's not the first DJ who would have his up and downs. I'm guessing the energy he brings to his sets can be hard to maintain 100% of the time when you've got an insane travel schedule like he does.

I'm kind of glad he doesn't do drugs. Love that guy's vibe just the way he is.

Anyhoo...I think we're talking about the same thing. Now go sign a poster, you rockstar
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