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74 You've earned a PHD in Old School.

I could add some for more points... (2 each)
Was at the first appearance of Sasha DJ in the US (and name the party)
Bonus if you can name the location of the afterhours for that party.

Estimate the number of people at Twilo for the first Sasha and Diggers party.
If your first guess is over 500 people your are way off.

Have hung out in the original naughtybooth

Have been to a Nasa Party on hubert St.

shopped at Liquid sky

If you have been to Caffeine when micro and onions played there.
bonus to name its secret afterhours spot.

Been to the first Rave in NYC

Been to a rave at all

Rode the slide at Club USA

Can Name which moderator that spun at Twilo and saw it happen.

Can name the first club Armand Van Helden Played at before moving to NYC.
Same answer for one of the other questions.
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