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Unread Monday, Jun 30th 2008, 05:02 AM #1 Villalobos at Fabric...
Teaser Techno...

Though not a New York-based event, and despite being a particularly sensitive topic due to the fact that Villalobos will not play in the US, I felt compelled to share my night with the Ism

I'll begin by saying that any DJ who can manage to tease, taunt and knock my musical compass off kilter deserves the utmost respect and applause.

None of this may be news to anyone who's either experienced Villalobos live or been to Fabric, or above all, done both simultaneously... But for the sake of codifying a night that awakened my spirit, I felt obligated to describe Ricardo at Fabric by whatever means possible.

The man is an utter master of surprise, pacing, bpm tweaking, arcs, and for lack of a better explanation, elevating and arranging sounds to their fullest potential and for maximum impact. To merely say he has a sense of timing is a gross oversimplification. His long, drawn out and tantalizing builds toy with you and can sometimes be maddening until finally culminating - and always delivering.

His exactitude in working in his mids, kicks and bass keeps you thinking and alert for the duration of his set...waiting to see where he'll take it next, keeping you moving, and leaving you in a state where you constantly feel at the precipice of what's to come.

When you add the skillful layering of acoustical arrangements, sparse and sneaky vocal samples, guitar riffs, and jazz melodies, one can say that he has developed a fully rounded brand of techno that largely dismisses any and all criticisms of the genre with unarguable finesse.

Three or so tracks before the end of his 3.5 hour set, he dropped Higher State of Consciousness. I felt that as a single track, and one most of us are familiar with, it actually can help to illustrate some aspects of the overall sensibility of RV's 'brand' of timing. Slow, teasing and irregular in its builds, its predictability and adherence to standard measures are stretched slightly beyond typical and move in the direction of Villalobos' style of delivery.

As for Fabric, it's been far too long I haven't thrown myself headlong into a hardened European club experience. I was taken aback by nostalgia associated with the sheer number of people and multiple dark underground levels. However, the labyrinthine halls and staircases lined with discarded minds and scattered puddles of people utterly useless to themselves was quite luckily offset by the the music, overall energy, and myriad environments available to choose from.

Add a dash of familiar New Yorker faces, new friends, an inflatable picture frame and an old school rave circle danceoff, and my night was unequivocally the most satisfying musical adventure I've had in several years.

Thanks to all who joined me!

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