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Unread Monday, Jan 24th 2005, 03:15 PM #7
pretty well written. One great point made regarding the demise of the scene and feeble attempts to revitalize it. New sounds. The overflooding of a very fringe market with garbage that all sounds the same. Sure the electro/popsynth shit will grab the average listener's attention for a few minutes as opposed to some nuskool underground shit. But it dilutes the scene as a whole. Once the novelty of a 80s sounding synthpop sound wears off, what's left is this feeling of, 'that aint really music, its just some yokels with computers regurgitating bullshit.' The flip side of it is the fact that the nuskool shit goes over the head of 95% of the masses. So basically, this scene and the music that drives it will never gain a big share of the listener's market. I guess if chem brothers and daft punk and prodigy are losing sales, what are the odds of some old mazi shit getting to someone who isn't too well knowledgible in this music.

I say keep in underground, but for the love of god kill 80% of the music being released these days. If you all wanna keep making that shit, cool, make it. Making music is art, and if thats whta turns you on then do it. Just don't fuckin release it. Keep it in your cd case and play it out. Give it to your friends and let them play it out if they dig it. Don't try to sell that bullshit then cry when the labels doing it are going under...
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