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Unread Thursday, Apr 20th 2006, 03:40 AM #1 Louie Vega @ Cielo W/roy Ayers
...Fantastic! and special guest Roy Ayers singing... the last song "My a sunshine" blew me away and kickstarted my Spring in a great way. is where it gets real good. I had mentioned earlier in the week while going over my collection of records that one of the best tracks I had heard Louie drop sometime back was "God Made Me Funky".....well he dropped that shit tonight and it fucking rocked that tight sweaty venue properly!

...Folks...I have to say that to listen to a Grammy Award winning Producer/DJ and a Jazz maestro performing together creating beautiful Jazz/House music for only $ class act my friends...class act...and some people still think there is no scene in NY?
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Unread Saturday, Apr 22nd 2006, 07:52 PM #2 Thumbs up
absolutely amazing night!
in addition, kevin hedge brought some really delicious funky, jazzy elements which had the crowd going nuts prior to the live performance.
of course, the legend himself mr. ayers - still going strong after all these years.
you are right! only 10 bucks for all this????? whuttt?!? my only regret is that i did not pick the free cd that they were giving away that night!!!
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Unread Sunday, Apr 23rd 2006, 09:47 AM #3
most of this board aint up on djs like louie vega, tonh humphries, danny krivit, sadly. Maybe one day it will change, with that said SHELTER was awesome. And one of these nights i have to make it back to roots like the song "fade" says "its been a long long time since you been on my mind".
"Somewhere in you girl I've been looking for heaven baby.See I spent my lifetime only to find heaven's in you."

My 50min interview from
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Unread Sunday, Apr 23rd 2006, 10:15 AM #4
sounds like a great night.

gabe, you'd be better served posting mixes than complaining about how nobody here is "up on these djs." i know all of the djs you're talking about and have heard most of them live but, it is true, they are not in my regular rotation. so... hook a sista up.
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