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Unread Wednesday, Apr 11th 2007, 01:56 PM #1 The Good, The Bad, The Messy #32: WMC 07 Recap
Conference has once again come and gone which means spring is upon us and good music and good times are sure to be blooming more and more in NYC. But before we look forward, The Good The Bad and The Messy revisits Miami for one last time until next year.


It took approximately 45 seconds for me to realize one thing: these kids are the real deal.Best New Thing is what everyone is always excited about and this year the newest thing was way newer than most years. The best new DJs were a duo that many people in New York have talked about and everyone else wondered about, curious if they were worthy of the hype. I refer of course to the Martinez Brothers, the 12 year old phenoms from The Bronx. Ok, so they are not actually 12 years old. The "old one" Steve is 18 but his little bro 15 year old Chris can't even drive yet so they might as well be 12. Any way you count it I am not sure when the last time I saw anyone so young make as many people as old and jaded as happy and excited as these kids did.

I knew I wanted to catch them but almost missed them at the Deep party indulging in a long overdue dose of Marques Wyatt. With other parties on the itinerary I decided as I was about to depart to take a quick check in the second room at Opium Garden to see what was up. An hour later I was still there. Suffice to say, upon entering it took approximately 45 seconds for me to realize one thing: these kids are the real deal.

Their mixing was madness, tight with an exciting feeling of being almost out of control, and the music was slamming. Funky, drenched in soul, and a track selection that absolutely no other 12 year olds would have the skills, balls, or knowledge to ever deliver. The highlight had to be the sampling or mix (not sure which) of Bjork's "Hyperballad", but they busted out loads of impressive stuff in addition to that. If nothing else the excitement and energy they brought to the room was proof that House Music is not dead and has a long future ahead of it as long as these kids do their chores and avoid getting grounded for staying out too late.

Best Terrace:

The Terrace at Nocturnal barely eeks out over the Terrace at Pawn Shop possibly for no other reason than I got to enjoy it for a longer period of time. Upon consideration, there are certainly other advantages. The DJ booth is a lot better, it is right there on the dancefloor, almost like a bar, stretching across the length of one side of the terrace. Hell, I even was practically served a beer by one of the DJs at one point. It is also a bit more shaded in spots which is good to have once the sun starts to really beat down. And in the case of music, DJ Three and Adultnapper at the ONE NIGHT ONLY: AM Only party on the Terrace at Nocturnal provided a wicked outdoor soundtrack to top it all off.

Best Club:

The best club had to be the new spot Karu & Y Ultra Lounge. It was the ideal spot for the always classy Renaissance party featuring Hernan Catteneo and Tiga. With its huge outdoor area with countless hideaways and even a gurgling creek wrapping around the dancefloor, the spot was easily the classiest joint we hit. The vibe as one friend stated is comparable to Le Souk on crack... I would say, maybe Le Souk, but finally OFF crack. Any way you spin it, you know what we mean.

The terrace is big and beautiful, and they even have food all evening long. The main inside room was great as well, sizeable but comfortable, where Tiga delivered his sexy electro funk following an um... interesting final few tracks from DJ Hell. Overall the spot is sexy and smooth with all the elements necessary for a dope party.

Best Party:

Despite it being the party we were at for the shortest time, it was easy to tell that Made Event's P.S.102 Sunday School for Degenerates was and will probably continue to be THE legendary party in Miami for quite some time. The music loving party people were out in force and it is reminiscent of Space Ibiza or DC-10 with wicked music, a hard core cosmopolitan crowd, with the added plus of a great contingent of all the New Yorkers in top party form. It is an un-missable party with all the elements on hand for a top time.

The Pawn Shop terrace may not be the best in Miami. It certainly isn't the most beautiful or comfortable - it is actually kind of grungy - but that all adds to the mystique. The music is of course, always great, and the vibe is so debaucherous that you can't go wrong. Something about the spot just helps take the party to the next level. I also know that two simple words, which seemed to say it all, were the full extent of more text messages sent and received this WMC than any other: Pawn Shop.

Lee Burridge goes to the head of the class at PS102. Photo courtesy of [url=][/url]

Best Morning

After waking up at 8AM and having some juice and a muffin, it was off to the AM (not quite) Only party. Yes I slept, screw you! The party was once again a great time, especially on the Terrace once the sun came up. We missed Richie Hawtin and the rest but did get some great NYC talent with Adultnapper and Mr. C as well as an artist who shall not be named (or numbered) who absolutely rocked the party despite not exactly belonging to the same DJ roster that the other jocks who played happened to be on.

[Reports of Richie Hawtin] entering the priesthood are not unfounded.

Follow The Hawtin

The great sport of last year, Follow The Hawtin, was limited this year possibly by the fact we did not catch all of his big events, maybe we missed some of his legendary moments, or perhaps he was simply more well behaved than usual. It makes you wonder if perhaps the rumors of him entering the priesthood are not unfounded. I could just be making that up.

Any way you cut it, Hawtin apparently escaped unscathed this year and the waves of danger in his wake were somewhat milder. His set at the Made Event M_NUS party however was badass enough to make sure people were still talking. The funkier, more maximal vibe worked great in the Pawn Shop main room as Hawtin drove the DJ Booth/Semi Truck Cab while behind him in the trailer/VIP area, a wide variety of the biggest names in techno and beyond piled in for the ride. We spotted Damian Lazarus, Loco Dice, Martin Buttrich, Pier Bucci, new Crosstown Rebels star Jamie Jones, Radio Slave, Lee Burridge, Bill Patrick, DJ Three AM, Hybrid's Chris Healings, and San Francisco's Nikola Baytola.

In lieu of our Follow the Hawtin adventure from last year we were able to do something vaguely similar but maybe slightly more pathetic with a Follow the Magda's Needle adventure/photo shoot which coincidentally just like last year with Hawtin, also lead us and a slew of DJs and other crackheads to cheap drinks and juke box fun at The Duece once again.


Surprisingly, the door situation was pretty good all around except for at the Fifth for Porterhouse where their overgroomed meatheads decided to give us a hard time and tried to finagle a bribe out of us when we arrived late and tried to get in. Sorry, I love me some Steve Porter but there is too much other stuff going on for the party people to have to deal with shitty Miami doorman behavior. That said, the MADE EVENT parties shipped in their own great door people and Studio A also had polite and patient doors folks who made the visits to those parties so much nicer.

Spirit Air. Don't do it. Once again delays in the flight to Miami got me in way too late my first night. Although this year I did manage to make it out and find some good times on the first night despite the late arrival.

This was the first time I ever actually got poured on in Miami. Saturday afternoon is when it hit, but thankfully not until after we had left the terrace at Nocturnal. The rain did make us miss Mark Farina at the OM pool party and shut down Basic NYC's festivities at the Beach Plaza for a short time too that day.

Missed Parties:
Every year there are going to be missed parties you wish you could have made and every year there will be ones you know you have to hit next year. This is simply a fact of life so deal with it... however it still makes you want to kick yourself.

In a peculiar twist, most of the parties I did miss this year, I managed to enjoy last year so I guess it wasn't that bad.
  • As good as the Renaissance party at Karu was, I can only imagine that the OM party must have been phenomenal.
  • The Made Event Burridge Barrage in BED.
  • Hallucination is always one of my faves but despite being across the street, somehow we couldn't find time for Grumptronix, Little Mike, Three and others on a busy Saturday night.
  • I don't see how the Sasha & Digweed boat party could have been as fun as it was last year so I will just pretend for my sake that it wasn't.
  • Steve Bug and Mr C at Pawn Shop for Sunday School were touted by many as the 2 best sets of conference, I am sure they would have been fantastic had we stayed, but sipping Pina Coladas by the pool in the Florida Keys was a good enough alternative so I won't complain.
  • Danny Tenaglia at Twilo. Rumors are that it was the top club in Miami. Not to mention he played a classics set which I am always as sucker for.

Ahh the Messy. NYC of course has not shut down, and there have been plenty of events before Miami (aka Miami Practice) and now even more since Conference which have been cause for excitement. The best of the best came this weekend with a Made Event double-header : back to back Cielo nights first with M.A.N.D.Y. on Thursday and the Sycophant Slags (Mr. C & Adultnapper) with Martin Buttrich on Friday. The crowd was better on Thursday and the Slags' wicked groovy techno made the music better on Friday, but both nights were fantastic.

On the menu for spring is a whole lot of Cielo. Starting this Thursday through the next month Cielo welcomes (in chronological order)... Mark Farina, Craig Richards, Max Graham, Robots featuring Sven Vath, Danny Tenaglia, Ben Watt, Ben Watt again, and then a double Robots weekend at the end of May with Luciano and then Michael Mayer. Not to be outdone, Sullivan Room brings in Made Event for the first time with Loco Dice with Stadenco and the return of Melanie Moore on April 13th, Kaskade pops in the next night and down the line Sunshine from Dubtribe Soundsystem with Joeski & Onionz on 4/27, Basic NYC manages to go three out of three in their quest for all of the Detroit originators when they bring Juan Atkins on El Cinco de Maya, followed a few weeks later by the return of Derrick Carter in his first visit to Sullivan Room on May 19th.

Don't get me wrong though, there's more places to go than just those two spots. The final Bunker at Subtonic is this Friday with Timeblind and residents Spinoza and Derrick Plaslaiko, APT has Trevor Jackson this Friday and next week Peter Anthony and Justin R bringing in Jacob London for their Cooperative Sleaze party on 4/19, on Tuesday 4/17 2 Many DJs come to Hiro Ballroom, Pacha brings Jeff Mills on 4/27 and Blackmarket Membership ships in Lusine to Vault at Element on May 4th.
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