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Unread Thursday, Jan 17th 2008, 10:05 AM #1 THE GOOD THE BAD & THE MESSY: 2007 Rewind
The end of the year of course brings all the best ofs and lists galore. So with that in mind, The Good, The Bad & The Messy would like to bring you ours.

Our very own GBM scribe - buckbbuck with his BFF JD


Another 12 months of late nights, early mornings, strong drinks, powerful sound-systems, and most importantly great music and fun times has come and gone. After logging the hours, The Good, The Bad & The Messy presents the highlights from the year in a NYers nightlife.

Made Event presents Laurent Garnier at Cielo - November 11, 2007

Best Party on Dry Land
• Laurent Garnier at Cielo
• The first “Star Spangled” party with Sasha & Three at Love

The Pirate Parrot strikes some booty on the Le Souk 5 Year + Sasha boat party - May 20th, 2007

Best Party on the High Seas
• Matter-Form’s Boat Party Reunion with Layo & Bushwacka
• Le Souk’s 5 year anniversary Pirate’s of the East River boat party with Sasha
• Blk|Mrkt Membership’s Wiggle boat party with Terry Francis & Three

Terry Francis at Blk|Mrkt Membership’s Wiggle boat party - September 2nd, 2007

Best Party I Missed
• Craig Richards afterhours at Bar 13 (from all reports)

Three + 5-hour energy drink =

New York’s Favorite DJs
• Laurent Garnier: Finally returning after five years, he was the one everyone got most excited about.
• Three: plays Techno parties with the Robots, plays Progressive parties with Sasha, plays Tech-House parties with Terry Francis and even plays parties with er… himself… And always delivers.
• Taimur & Fahad: These two locals seemed to be on the decks at some point during all of the best parties I hit up, and they never failed to keep things rocking.

Made Event presents Underworld at Central Park - September 14th, 2007

Best Concert (Most Memorable Moment at)
• Beastie’s at Sonar (listen all ya’ll it’s a Sabatoge!)
• Underworld Central Park (neerneer-neerneer-neerneer-neerneer-I’m invis-ah-bull)
• The Police at Madison Square Garden (aaayoooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooooooh!)

Best Dance-Floor Moment
• Underworld dropping Rez/Cowgirl
• Laurent whipping out the Drum n Bass nastiness at Cielo

Joel Mull at Bunker - July 14th, 2007

Best Weekly
• The Bunker at Galapagos: When you want to rediscover your inner techno crack-head
• The Porch with 34th Street John and guests: When you want to pre-game or just need to chill in the hood with some great tunes. (best DJ name by the way: 34th Street John)

Best Club
• Love has the Sound and Sullivan has the Underground, but CIELO has it all.

Blk|Market Membership's Taimur at Bar 13 - July 12th, 2007

Best Monthly Party
• Blk|Market Membership: Taimur & Fahad’s weekly rumble started at Vault and now is at Bar 13

Best New Venue
• Bar 13 has been bringing the down and dirty with Blk|Market Membership and Rotate NYC.

Best Bar
• APT: The perfect spot to have a drink and get your ears blown out by dope music on a thumping sound-system.


The end of the year always is a time for all sorts of “best DJs” lists. The illustrious DJ Mag top 100 list is always a prestigious, widely respected, and forward thinking example which names the world’s truly top masters in the DJ-ing realm… Or at least that’s what they would like you to think. Most underground, hardworking, quality DJs ignore it or disdain it, but there are of course some legitimate, high quality names always on there. The same goes for the website, the DJ Times lists, America’s Best DJ list and any other fan voted lists purporting to determine who err, umm… is the best in the world at playing other people’s pre-recorded music.

Now people can argue all day for or against the merits of these types of lists but we are not here to do that. Of course there are many of the names you expect and know and enjoy like Danny Tenaglia, Derrick Carter, Richie Hawtin, as well as the top names in the business whose presence is inevitable like Pete Tong, Tiesto and Oakenfold, and a even a seemingly endless variety of “Vans” Van Dyk, Van Buren, Van Helden, but then there is another group. The group I am most intrigued by is not those names we all know and love, or even those we know and loath, but I want to know more about those who always end up on these lists who we have never, or would never, or might never have any knowledge of to begin with.

In honor The Good, The Bad & The Messy would like to debut its newly annual Top 10 DJ who the hell are they list.

Louie Devito
Could he be the step brother of famous Hollywood heavyweight Danny Devito but with a record bag fill of trance-tastic vocal gems? Maybe he is. I am not sure if he even makes it onto these lists but I do know he shows up in Billboard Magazine and his are the biggest selling mix CDs of anyone in America. Now he’s emerged on the new Pacha CD series. Eat your heart out Global Underground.

ATB (#26 DJ Mag top 100, #4 the
These lists are always overpopulated by the Dutch and German trance gods. ATB is in this pantheon. I have to admit however I love two tracks off of his first album, and no, one of them is not that 9PM song.

Nando DixKontrol (#25
I am wondering if people thought they were voting for best DJ Name when they listed this guy. Apparently he is from Spain and is often invited on talk shows to discuss his DJ prowess. I am sure if Lee Burridge went on Jerry Springer he would blow Tiesto out of the water in next year’s vote.

No not the horrendous former Black Eyed Peas singer but the hard house prodigy from back when the UK clubbing was all about the lollipops, dayglo bodysuits and relentless jackhammer kickdrums of the Hard House movement. Apparently now he is into more normal techno and breaks and has a show on the BBC. I am not sure if that is an improvement or not.

Eddie Halliwell (#16 DJ Mag top 100)
Most of these DJs I have at least heard their name, even if I have I have not seen them play, or have any idea who they are. But this guy, even though I discovered he is a Cream resident and might even be pretty good, somehow has slipped under my radar. For that he has earned a special place on this list. Also, I cannot confirm or deny the rumor that he is related to that Spice Girl.

Jonathan Peters
This is NYC’s favorite DJ amongst the hairless, over-muscled GHB fiends from New Jersey who invade our clubs every weekend. He was also rated America’s favorite DJ last year by DJTimes.

DJ Boris
You might call this guy the Russian version of Jonathan Peters. He seems to play each and every one of the big clubs seemingly every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He also remixes country songs. Before long he will probably be America’s favorite DJ. God help us.

Steve Robelle (#12
I don’t know how to feel when this guy is ranked higher than folks like Sander Kleinenberg, Sven Vath, James Zabiela, and even horror of horrors… Nando DixKontrol!

Infected Mushroom (# 9 DJ Mag top 100)
I have surmised these guys are psy-trance legends. Apparently the psy-trance movement is a lot like the evangelicals in the US. Nobody knows who they are, you might not want to hang out with them if you did, but when it comes election time they sure get out the vote.

America's Best DJ???

George Acosta
He is this year’s number one DJ in America according to DJ Times. Should we be impressed that he took Jonathan Peters’ crown? You decide. If you are in Miami I think he plays there a lot.

The question remains then, are these DJs actually “better” than your local hero, or the big names that they are ranked in front of? I suppose they all must provide some pretty good times for a lot of people so that should be enough. If you ever get a chance to check one of them out, be sure to let us know how it turns out. Until then keep voting for your favorite DJs because even if people should not pay attention to these lists, they always do anyway.


New Year’s Eve was MESSY. As a matter of fact I found the filthiest, grimiest, most disgusting 20 dollar bill I have ever seen on the ground by the bar at Galapagos. It was so revolting that the bartender even refused to take it as a tip. That is the kind of party that it was. Needless to say the Bunker lived up to its reputation and Blood & Thunder II provided a rocking time with the best local lineup available, hours and hours of crackling music, and when all was said and done, an overwhelming urge to wash away the grime numerous times the next day.

Besides Amateur Night (aka NYE), one of the highlights from the past month was the special super secret last-minute final Robots party the night after the “official” last Robots party at Cielo. The fearless evil leader and crew took over Café Deville one more time and provided some of the wickedest tunes I have heard by the Robots ever, before disbanding for good. Steve Porter at the Porch was another treat in the past few weeks, but the highlight of the month was Doc Martin at Sullivan Room. The good Doctor prescribed a full on classic West Coast warehouse party vibe to the Basic NYC party and the crowd ate it up.

The biggest night in nightlife so far this year comes January 26th. It is not a night for the indecisive though with minimoo welcoming Mathew Dear, Dr. Herman O. Boompt as I like to call him (or Derrick Carter as he is known by most) visits Sullivan Room for the Basic NYC party, and Blk|Market Membership brings Craig Richards to Love. Our favorite danceclub of the moment, Cielo celebrates 5 years on January 25th with Ibizan icon DJ Pippi and co-owner/resident Nicolas Matar. We salute Cielo for 5 years of outstanding programming and quality clubbing. Other events to keep your dancing shoes shined up for Andy Caldwell at Sullivan Room on Feb 9th, Miles Maeda @ Porch on January 19th, Hybrid hits up Sullivan Room February 2nd, and Giant Step takes over Cielo with Norman Jay on January 20th the same night that Sullivan Room welcomes Eli Wilkie, Bons and Steve Porter for the launch of PH Recordings and the new Porterhouse residency.

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